Party Bus El Paso Pricing Policies

Everyone's needs are different and that's why everyone gets their own rate. There are lots of things to consider when determining your quote and that is the reason we urge you to call us with as much information about your plans as you possibly can. Supplying us with details regarding your trip will never cost you money, it will only save you. Don't worry, this will be painless we promise. We will just ask you a few pertinent questions and then we will work with you to get the best quote we can possibly give you. Basically, we will ask you about your group size, your pick up and drop off locations and what time you require service. You can rest assure that we want to fit you to the perfect vehicle, we will never try and upsell you. If we feel we can save you money by recommend a different day or time or possibly a package, we would love to do so.

In terms of timing, if you can have your event on Monday through Thursday, you will definitely experience a much lower rate. Also, if you can do something during the daytime. But one thing is certain, when you call, it is our first and foremost interest to give you all of the information you desire. We will never pressure you into making any kind of decision. Also, you will be very happy to know that we do not believe in hidden fees as many companies practice. When we give you a quote, you can count on the fact that you are receiving your bottom line price for the services we will render. If you decide to book with us, you won't get to the end of the night and have someone tell you that there is a trvel fee or fuel fee tacked onto the price. Our booking agents are always available by phone - no exceptions. So, contact Party Bus El Paso for your party bus inquiries and plans today and we will do our level best to bring you total satisfaction. You don't get to be the best by not being the best and we certainly want you to experience that in us so give us a call and let's start the conversation.

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There are times of the year in which we run specials, we have certain packages for different types of events and we can sometimes work with you on pricing, based on vehicle availability. We operate on what could best be described as a graduated pricing system. That means that we are prepared to pass along any savings that we experience to you our customer. A good example of this is gas prices. If the price of gas plummets, instead of keeping our prices where they were, we will lower them. Our goal is not to squeeze every penny out of our, but rather to treat you like family with respect and to forge a long lasting relationship.

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