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How many hours do I have to rent the party bus for?

Like we always say, we are trying to tend to your particular situation so, it's best to call us to see what we can do for you. Our industry standard is a six-hour rental for night-time runs but we also do shorter blocks of time for weddings, school events and every now-and-then because of last-minute party bus availability. We also don't charge over-time fees. Just your normal hourly rate.

Are all of your vehicles insured and certified?

Yes, we have the highest amount of insurance and coverage on our vehicles as the law will provide and, also, our drivers are very carefully screened and have to be not only experienced but quite flawless. All of our professional documentation is available for viewing. Just contact us if you would like to see it!

Can I smoke on the party buses?

In order to keep our fleet in pristine condition, we can't allow for smoking in the the party buses. However, you can have the driver stop at any time you would like for breaks.

Do all of your party buses have bars on them?

Yes. We have bar areas on every bus and they come stocked with ice, cups and paper towel. They are very stylish but also quite practical. They are updated frequently.

This may be a silly question, but can you drink on your vehicles?

Absolutely, our party buses were made for having a great time. As long we everyone in your group is of legal drinking age, you can brink on any kind of alcohol you desire. Our bar areas with built-in coolers are phenomenal.

Who provides the alcohol?

By law, we cannot provide alcohol to our customers. However, you are free to bring on board whatever you and your group like. We will even stock the coolers with ice for you.

Do you provide prices on your website?

No, there are so many different scenarios in terms of renting one of our vehicles that you will want to contact one of our customer service representatives. They will be more than happy to answer your questions or concerns and provide you with a quote.

What kind of amenities will we get to play with on one of your vehicles?

This is where the fun begins and never ends. We have thought out your experience very carefully. You are not going to believe it when you see the granite top bar areas with built-in coolers, the premium sound system with sub-woofers, high definition flat screens with DVD capabilities, comfy leather wraparound seating and even color changing party lights. This is worth trying out and we promise you that after one time in one of our vehicles, you will be hooked.

Do you offer any kind of discount?

No, not normally. We put a lot of work into making sure that our prices are extremely competitive. There are some ways you can save and we would be happy to talk to you about those. Contact us today to get the best possible quote.

What do you require in order to reserve one of your vehicles?

We require a deposit and one of our customer service agents can tell you what that amount should be.

Are there bathrooms on your vehicles?

No, we made the decision to not install bathrooms in order to keep our vehicles clean. But keep in mind that our policy is unlimited miles and unlimited stops which means that whenever you or someone in your group needs a bathroom break, just mention it to your driver.