About us

You may or may not have experienced anything like what we have to offer, but there is one thing that we don't mind admitting and that is how good we are at this business. We have hundreds of rave reviews that we can share with you if you would like to read them. Our philosophy is that we just can't do enough in making sure each and every customer we service walks away completely satisfied. It all starts with great people and we realize that. For that reason, we invest a lot into our employees and you will find that we have top of the line mechanics, detailers and customer service agents. And we strive to offer service to as many areas as we possibly can.

The amenities that you are going to find on our vehicles are truly second to none. When we roll up to pick you up you are going to be immediately excited when you see the color changing LED party lights on the inside and outside. Comfort will be calling you as you sit on the very soft leather wraparound seating area. When you get tired of sitting, just move onto the dance floor and show off those famous moves. And one glance over and you won't believe it when you see the dancing pole. And talk about electronics. The music will be flowing and you will be listening to it on the concert quality sound system complete with subwoofers and CD/iPod/MP3 hookups. And that is just a beginning. We have also included some visual stimulation in the form of high definition flat screens with DVD capability. And of course, what would a party bus be without granite topped bar areas with built-in coolers for ice and your favorite libations.

Why Choose Us

If you've been researching party bus providers, it's probably become quite obvious that most are strikingly similar on the surface. Many appear to have great vehicles, most of us are reasonably easy to reach by phone and/or email (we are always available) and our rates are at least somewhat similar.

Our Mission

One thing that we wish to point out to you is that our emphasis on customer relations and our attitude towards customer service have paid off in the form of plenty of past clients spreading the word that we are the company to go with when someone has luxury transportation needs.

What We Do

Now that we have an online outlet to explain how we do things and why, we hope that our friends who trust us with their most important dates and events feel free to send and post their feedback.

We Are The Company You Can Trust

And again, all of these great amenities mean even more when you realize that the people servicing you truly care about making your time on our vehicle the absolute best it can be. Party Bus El Paso is a full-service party bus provider. When we mean by that is that we will cater to any kind of trip, plan, event or occasion. Count on us when you are thinking about luxury transportation. So, once you have perused our website and learned all you can about the services we provide, call one of our friendly and courteous customer service agents. Our representatives are available 24/7 and will be happy to talk to you. Call us today and lets get the party started.


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