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El Paso is a wonderful city for a bachelorette party. With all the great dining, bar and nightlife entertainment in the town, the options are endless for throwing a stunning El Paso bachelorette party. From amazing upscale venues and male strip clubs to some of the city’s most popular private dancer companies, you can find an event to suit any of your needs.

Bars and Restaurants

While most of us plan for an exciting, wild bachelorette party, other women may have a more intimate night in mind. For some women, they’ve partied their whole life and want some time to kick back and reflect back on their single life with their girlfriends and how they’re going to handle married life. If this sound like what you had in mind for your bachelorette party, El Paso is a great city for this.

El Paso is home to several excellent restaurants for a bachelorette party. You can find amazing Mexican restaurants for your party and even a few tapas restaurants if you’re looking for a little bit of class and elegance for your night out. For bars, the city features numerous taverns and brewhouses. While most brewhouses don’t get as wild as some of the bars in El Paso, they nonetheless offer a perfect setting for a relaxed meal, good drinks and even better conversations.

Party Venues

Although the idea of one final calm night out with your ladies sounds like a good idea, most bachelorettes go the party route. And for this, El Paso certainly does not disappoint. If you want to rent out a venue and throw your own party, you can find all sort of elegant ballrooms, banquet halls and lodges. The Alamo Ballroom is a great choice. With a beautiful limestone facade, an elegant hall and dance floor and top-notch customer service, this place is your best bet for a little bit of class.

On the other hand, if you’re more worried about a wild night, the Royal Castle Party Place is a better option. Save your money for the party and take advantage of the quaint, unassuming ambiance of this venue. But at the end of the day, there’s only one option for the party girls: male dancers.

Strip Clubs

Whether you want to book a night at a strip club, visit a strip club with no special attention or even hire your own private dancers for a venue, El Paso has you covered. This city is home to some of the best looking male dancers north of the Rio Grande. All sorts of private dancer companies have sprung up in El Paso. One of the most popular, O Men El Paso, has a wide range of dancers, from bad boys, cops, firemen and you can even book a black, white or Latino dancer as well.

While you won’t find too many male strip clubs in the city proper, there are tons just outside the city. If your end goal was a night out at a strip club, your best bet is booking a party bus. Don’t settle on one location for your night. Make your El Paso bachelorette party a night to remember. With a party bus, you can see all the city has to offer. Start with a quick meal at one of the city’s gourmet restaurants and bars, visit a strip club or two, and then end the night by calling your own private dancer onto the bus. If you’re looking for an absolutely wild night for your last night out as a single woman, a party bus offers you all the convenience, freedom and atmosphere you require.